About Armando Vieira Pedroso II

My artistic career had unconventional beginnings, after September 11, 2001 I was laid off from my corporate sales job of 18 years. It was at that time I "thought" I heard a voice within myself literally telling to paint and write. Since I had never done either I found it strange yet, I gave into the voice after so time of fighting it. I now say “if you don't believe in the voice of God /Jesus Christ, or being connected to your inner spirit...we need to talk.” I have seen firsthand countless doors of opportunity fly wide open for me, what laid beyond those doors of being laid off was this new person, this artist inside I never knew existed... all because I took the chance of listening to that small persistent voice inside myself. As a painter/writer I deconstructs and reconstruct layers of roofing tar, plaster, wood, found objects, metals, symbol’s, rich acrylic colors and words to create inspirational and emotionally driven paintings and poems. Sometimes playful, gritty, deeps or with an urban feel, My art tries to capture the essence of what an individual's dream might look like if inspired to take that leap of faith.


the pile of faded blue t-shirts

that sit silent in the corner of an empty room

still have the scented memories 

of his wasted kisses, lost loves,

and the absent knowing

of how to feel something for someone.




enduring the season

where wine numbs the hurt,

his feet push down old memories of missed loves

deep into the coarse shelled sand

where tides quickly wash away …

another year passed alone.




 thickly layered and fragile

he sat in his safe space

framed by the things he’d become.

jealous for never taking chances

or challenging his truths

made of glue and antiseptic.