young and looking for a relationship…

he threw people away
as easily as he chewed gum,
good only while the flavor lasted.

now older, he realized
those people who would have been a good thing
have moved on and spit him out.



watching a slow tango between

two men sharply kicking up the dirt,

he tried to hide what he felt …

but the tear in his eye

spoke the truth of what he saw.




sharing what was important to him

he noticed halfway through the conversation,

the crack in the wall where the light shined through

had gone dark.


so he changed the conversation

 away from what his heart needed to express

and directed it back to the crack in the wall

where the light shined again.    



wading in the shallow waters of his thoughts,

he observed the clouds

 turn to shades of demon gray.


watching them cross the sun,

they blocked out the light with silence

leaving him cold and alone at the edge of

 his swimming pool of lies.




from the secret desires he wrote on the page

to the secret requests he kept in a prayer,

he had to runaway

to find the answers he couldn’t find at home.