its harder now

to turn the pages of my life,

but there’s a flicker of hope 

from shadows holding on to a hotel light

that give me peace on these empty roads.

 it’s the possibility, 

that love, 

may still be more than

 an old book in this cold room.




walking over chalk drawn sidewalks,

 he fumbled through my pockets of 

hopscotch decisions looking for answers.

 instead,  he found handfuls of

question marks on top of his periods.




he never asked for this

as his dad mocked him on the sidewalk
talking loud and ugly without words
for his behaviors and interests,
the dad knew …

the true meaning
of what his dads gestures meant
about him were unknown at the time
but, the child knew …

so he lived a life
feeling small, ashamed, unaccepted, alone
and never good enough inside …
the gay son knew …

he never asked for this life.



50's Dude